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As meeting center for research and technological innovation, experimentation and scientific knowledge Casa Paganini - InfoMus promotes the sharing of knowledge through conferences and international conferences, workshops and seminars. Here a list of meetings organized by the center of research during the last years.

  • "AffectMove" -Affective Movement Recognition Challenge: online virtual workshop event, hosted within the "ACII 2021" 9th international conference on Affective Computing & Intelligent Interaction. (28 September 2021)
  • MOVING, MOtion Vs feelING: evento in diretta web-streaming sulla piattaforma Zoom, organizzato dagli studenti del "Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Digital Humanities" e del "Corso in Design del prodotto e dell'evento", in collaborazione con il Centro Interdipartimentale sulla Visualità (ciVIS) (17 December 2020)
  • "Corps en mouvement et instruments numériques": seminar by Benoit Bardy on EuroMov research in the EnTimeMent project, organised by the French Institute of Culture, part of the series of events in the national festival Monde Machine et Monde Vivant - Hommage à Léonard. (12 December 2019)
  • "L'Azione Silenziosa": MasterClass Alta Formazione 2019 (29 - 30 November 2019)
  • A TEMPO!: 1st EnTimeMent project workshop, on automated recognition, measure and prediction of qualities of human movement for industry, sport, rehabilitation, and active experience of cultural heritage content. Casa Paganini (23 September 2019)
  • Music Across Music: An Experiment with Time (e dintorni)...: seminar by Daniele Ghisi, focused on his installation "An Experiment with Time” for video and electronics, and a “live” event for amplified ensemble, video and electronics, Casa Paganini. (28 May 2019)
  • Watch Inside - intuition training: seminar by Francesca Foscarini, part of the preparatory activities for the design of scientific experiments on analysis and movement quality prediction of small groups (joint actions), foreseen in the EU H2020 FET PROACTIVE EnTimeMent research project, Casa Paganini. (21 February 2019)
  • Modular architecture for game sonification: seminar by Julien Bloit where he presented the past projects he have been involved in, focusing on the architecture for various sonification related projects, Casa Paganini. (22 January 2019)
  • MOCO '18: 5th International Conference on Movement and Computing, Casa Paganini, (28 30 June 2018).
  • AISC 2015: XII annual Conference on Language, Cognition & Society, Casa Paganini (10 - 12 December 2015)
  • BIENNALE EC Workshop - Biennale di Venezia 2015: Creation at the Nexus of Science Technology and Art - A dialogue of Art with Science and Technology Ca. Giustinian, Venice, Italy (3 - 4 November 2015)
  • MetaBody: MetaBody International Meeting, Casa Paganini (7 - 9 March 2014)
  • SysMus13: 6th International Conference of Students of Systematic Musicology, Casa Paganini (12 - 14 September 2013)
  • SBM 2012: 3rd International Workshop on Social Behavior in Music, Santa Monica, California, USA (22 - 26 October 2012)
  • NIME2008: International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Casa Paganini (5 - 7 June 2008)
  • HUMAINE Summer School: 3rd Humaine Summer School - EU research project Humaine "Human-Machine Interaction Network on Emotion" - Workshop e Scuola internazionale della Rete di Eccellenza UE HUMAINE, Casa Paganini (September 2006)
  • New York University Summer Program (3 - 21 June 2006)
  • ENACTIVE/05: 2nd International Conference on Enactive Interfaces, Casa Paganini (17 - 18 November 2005)
  • EyesWeb Week 2018: 6th Tutorial on the EyesWeb Open Platform, Casa Paganini (2 - 6 July 2018)
  • EyesWeb Week 2016: 5th Tutorial on the EyesWeb Open Platform, Casa Paganini (6 - 10 June 2016)
  • EyesWeb Week 2014: 4th Tutorial on the EyesWeb Open Platform, Casa Paganini (9 - 11 March 2014)
  • EyesWeb Week 2010: 3rd Tutorial on the EyesWeb Open Platform, Casa Paganini (8 - 12 February 2010)
  • EyesWeb Week 2008: 2nd Tutorial on the EyesWeb Open Platform, Casa Paganini (11 - 15 February 2008)
  • EyesWeb Week 2006: 1st Tutorial on the EyesWeb Open Platform, Casa Paganini (6 - 11 February 2006)

Casa Paganini - InfoMus has also participated to the following meetings and conferences: